Friday, July 27, 2012

Making this short would not be possible without the help of some really talented people. I have been very fortunate to find Adam Cable who has been so pivotal to this production. Here are a few of his concept sketches as well as some screen grabs of the set in progress.The criteria for the set was to create a posh environment, where only the wealthiest pigs would gather on a Friday night for beer and entertainment. Originally the short was to be a birthday card for my Father. I did the voice over work and the story evolved from that into something quite different. Once I figure out how to post the audio I will include some of my voice overs. In the mean time, please enjoy Adam's work for the short..........

And here is what the 3D set looks like so far. We're still modeling the props, but it's 90% done. We'll be adding sconces and then lighting it soon. We hope to begin animating within the next 3 weeks.

This week Adam and I have been busy modeling our blend shapes for 7 characters. We hope to get that completed for the beginning of next week. It's great to see these models finally come to life. I'll post some of the blend shapes in the next few days. Ciao for now....

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